First Instance of Potter-itis

Interesting, the things you remember while queuing up to pay for your lunch. Hana Hasanuddin was the one who introduced me to Harry Potter. I was in form 2 when I first heard about Potter, through a review of The Philosopher's Stone in The Star. The write-up praised the imagination and inventiveness of the story,… Continue reading First Instance of Potter-itis


To Be Reminded.

Our family had an odd discussion last night over a vegetarian dinner at an Indian restaurant, after coming back from the temple. She's troubled with the state of the family. It seems that we're struck with an odd case of bad luck. Looking at her siblings and how their families seem to be so well… Continue reading To Be Reminded.

Jupiter Ascends, But Doesn’t Quite Leave Orbit

So. Jupiter Ascending. Quite a bit of hate for this movie. First thing's first. It's not the horrible piece of shit everybody says it is. Not even close. It's actually a pretty decent movie, standing on the precipice of being "good". I'm just not sure the story the Wachowskis had in mind was meant to… Continue reading Jupiter Ascends, But Doesn’t Quite Leave Orbit