Seeing It In Print.

It’s been two days since I got the February issue of PC.Com from my friend.

I’m still reeling in the afterglow of seeing an article I wrote, published in a pretty big Malaysian tech magazine. It’s a pretty straightforward approach: a general introductory piece to a new lifestyle of a connected generation. Nothing too fancy or detailed in the content, just enough for the reader to have a starting point, should he or she wish to explore it more. But still, nothing prepared me for the experience of seeing it in print.

I’ve done write-ups before this, and I’ve seen them in print. But they’ve all been in a small scale before this; part of the campus newsletter, part of the promotional material for EMiNA‘s events, that sort of thing. This, however, is something else. And it’s a wonderful feeling. This makes it real. I know for sure that I can depend on my writing to become a significant part of my future career, if I wanted to. The challenge would be to keep and improve the quality of my writing, while keeping a consistent output at the same time. I think that’s doable, in the grand scheme of things.

This also means that I cannot make an excuse of not writing here anymore. I’ve been abandoning this place for too long, always under the fear that my opinions would be ripped to shreds, my thoughts dissected without mercy. Hmm.

Yeah, that’ll probably happen anyway. But a bit of narcissism seems to be needed to get ahead in the world.


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