1,629km Disappears.

Long-distance relationships never get easy.

I’ve been together with Cherane for three years, going on four now. Even though it’s not a particularly long time, it has become a pretty unique relationship, with its own unique set of challenges.

Every chance we get to be together becomes extra special. The idea of just having breakfast together, one that many couples take for granted, becomes that much more meaningful. It gives me new appreciation for what we have, but it also becomes that much painful and heartbreaking when the time comes and we have to be apart again.

That’s what I did last weekend. 1,629km between us disappeared for 3 days and 4 nights.

It was wonderful, and it wasn’t enough. It’s never enough, to be honest.

From KL to KK.
Taking off from LCCT. The benefits (or is it a disadvantage?) of having only the kit lens to play around with.


From KL to KK (Pic #3 of 7)
Cherane stretching and warming up before her netball practice.
From KL to KK (Pic #4 of 7)
We decided to have a barbecue on Friday night.
From KL to KK (Pic #5 of 7)
It was a very easy and relaxed night.
From KL to KK (Pic #6 of 7)
Oh yeah, she can draw real good. Do check out her blog if you have the time.

From KL to KK (Pic #7 of 7)


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