Casual Judgements.

This happened during lunchtime.

A bunch of uncles were sitting at the table next to mine. They eventually started talking about the K-Pop non-issue.

“Actually kan,” the one who was smoking gave his two-cents’, “kalau budak tu tak pakai tudung, tak peduli la sangat kan, sebab dia sosial.” The others nodded.

“Tapi…” he paused for a bit to take another puff of his not-fatwa-approved cigarette before continuing, “dia pakai tudung woo!”

The other three uncles voiced their agreement, with headshakes and “Itu la”s and sighs.

So based on my completely uneducated assumptions, this is what I gather they’re thinking: a piece of clothing has the power to elevate you beyond that of a mere human. You are no longer an individual. You become an ideal, whether you like it or not. Your opinions and choices do not matter. The eyes of a judgemental public are upon you 24/7.

Of course, us “liberal scums”, you and I, we know that’s utter bullshit. But I don’t know if it’s worth investing our energy trying to convince a bunch of uncles with beer bellies who are referring to their wives as “bini” that maybe, just maybe, they’re mistaken in their assumptions.

But that’s just me. Saya bukan dari bangsa yang terpilih, jadi saya tak tau apa-apa. I even wondered whether it was worth writing about this, because… what’s the point? Nothing will change.

The paranoid will stay paranoid.

Those in power still remain in power.

The stupids still are the ones writing and implementing policies on matters beyond their comprehension.

And here we are. The representatives of a generation, sitting around a table after lunch, with their cigarettes and their beer bellies, nonchalantly passing judgement on a young girl, satisfied that they have done their duties as followers of their faith.